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FAQ - About preserved and dried flowers

All our Preserved and Dried Flowers are made from real natural flowers, and they can bring you a smile for a long time. You will be surprised how beautiful they are and how long they will last. Let's enjoy flowers in a more sustainable way. Our dream is to bring the beauty, joy and happiness to you with Preserved and Dried flowers.

Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers harvest at the peak of their bloom, and moisture is replaced with non-toxic glycerine etc. by innovated technology. They magically get to keep their natural look and flexibility, especially for flower heads like roses. They may be bleached, bleached + coloured, or adding colour to express natural appearance depending on the flowers.

Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers are also harvested at their best and dehydrated in a classic natural way to enjoy flowers longer. As they are fully dried, they don't have the flexibility and are fragile. Their colour may be natural or coloured depending on the flowers/foliage, they fade and dry more gradually.

How long can Preserved Flowers last?
Generally speaking, their life span is around 1 to 5 years depending on the environmental condition and individual opinions.
Preserved Flowers won’t die. But they can slowly fade with age, just like any other home decor. You may realise artificial flowers also get old with light or dust etc. They normally keep their perfect look for months, and will still be as beautiful after a year or two although they may age quicker with commercial use because of daily foot traffic. We still enjoy our 8 years old preserved flower arrangement as we still love their slightly fade look, but some may think they are end of life. We think their life rely on individual preferability.

Care of Preserved Flowers

● NO WATER is required to maintain their beauty, they hate water and humidity.
-- Humidity may cause colour fade, colour transfer and petal translucence. 

● Please avoid direct sunlight or strong light.
-- Light may cause colour fade and dryness.

● Please avoid wind and air from air-conditioning and heater.
-- This may cause dryness and make the petals fragile and breakable.

● Please try not to touch them to prevent breaking and mind your clothes, wall and furniture. 
-- There are dyes being used to preserve the colour.

● Perfect to keep them in a dust free environment
-- Blowing off the dust by a cool heat setting dryer (weak blow setting) is a good way to keep them fresh and without dust.

● Please keep away from children, pets and fire.
-- Preserved Flowers uses chemicals and dyes which are safe for our body based on safety regulation for baby toys, but this is an ornamental item. 

Some facts of our flowers
Preserved Small flowers and foliage ( like hydrangeas, baby breath, limonium etc.) and Dried Flowers are longer lasting / stronger flowers in our shop. Their ageing is dryness and fading. Preserved flower heads ( like roses, carnations, gerberas etc.) are beautiful, but they are more fragile.

This photo show you the flowers after 5 months. You can see that they don't change much in 5 months. They were displayed on open shelves.

More examples here, after 2 years this time. Yes, they faded to lighter in colour. They lived in uncovered open space, next to the door entrance for 2 years. They would have been under slight sunlight and more traffic and wind than the 5 months bouquet. They might not be in the best environment, but still pretty enough to bring us smiles everyday. 

Finally, this is our years old display in open shelves. They faded in colour and some petals are tired or turned slightly translucent because of humidity. Some may think they are old, but some may think they are still pretty and even better in antique like colours. Their lifetime is totally depending on your personal preferences.