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Custom | Event | Corporate Order

Thank you very much for trusting us and considering a custom / bulk orders.

We are happy to create custom bouquets and arrangements for you.
Bulk orders are also available for special events such as corporate gift, weddings, functions and parties etc.

Please feel free to live chat / contact us to talk further.
We will try our best to create designs to suit you and your schedule.
* consulting with your preferred colours, budget and sample photo will be helpful.


with stocked flowers & vases
Most of our custom orders with stocked flowers / vase ( up to $300 ) can finalise in 3 working days. ( or earlier on request )
Large products and large numbers of items may require up to 7 working days.
We always try our best to suit your request.

with pre-order flowers & vases
Large product and large amount of items for events need corporation and may require at least 8 weeks in advance or earlier depending on flower stock and our availabilities.
Please consult us for more information.

Custom Order Terms and Conditions

We carefully create your custom orders as we discussed and worked hard to finalise them to the best of our abilities. We do share photos to customers before we dispatch. But please understand that we won't be able to accept large changes, cancellations, or returns for custom orders after finalisation. They are specially designed just for you. Thank you very much for your understanding of the nature of custom orders.

Advance order / pre-order Terms and Conditions

Advance order such as events and wedding etc. require 50% non-refundable deposit. Full payment invoice will be send out 14 days before dispatch day and that is not refundable.

Dear retail / florist owners,
You may realise some of our flowers are very special and can't find anywhere else in Australia. Some of our flowers are from local, but "YES" we also import from all over the world or process our flowers by ourselves.
Thank you very much for interest of wholesale. But we are very sorry that our current import /process condition is unstable and we are not able to share our flowers to other retailers at the moment. We will inform here when we are ready.